Upcoming Events


November 14  Union Station  7pm

December 12, 13    Dancing Workshop

December 20th  Christmas Concert at the Sheldon  3pm

December 21, 22, 23  Christmas Break

December 28, 29, 30  Holiday Break


January 4   Classes Resume

February 12, 13, 14   Back to Back Feiseanna at the Ballpark Hilton 

February  27    SLIA TRIVIA NIGHT

Lots of March performances for St. Patrick's Day

March 31  North American Convention of Comhaltas


April 1, 2, 3   Convention continues with workshops, performaces, etc


Welcoming back all our lovely students and we look forward to new faces :)

If case you're having a hard time finding us, the address is 2934 Marshall Ave, St. Louis, MO 63143

We're in the back of  the parking lot at Immaculate Conception church in Maplewood, very close to the Schlafly Brewery. 

It's a red brick building and the only place you will see the sign for St. Louis Irish Arts is on the glass door on the outside.